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We help anticipate, design & implement successful change and transformation.
Our integrated approach to Customer Experience, Employee Experience & Operational Excellencesupports team enablement, encourages change adoption and drives advocacy.


change & transformation programmes

Maximise benefit realisation

If you’re embarking on a change or transformation programme it’s no doubt a significant investment, with benefit realisation front & centre. While many transformation efforts fail, those that are successful focus on the full picture: The critical technology solutions AND Customer & Employee change engagement, adoption and advocacy.


Regardless of the focus of transformation, the experiences your Customers have throughout your change cycle plays a major role in benefit realisation.

We provide the specialist support required to:
– Reimagine the customer experience and design your future state Customer Journeys

– Ensure the end-to-end customer experience delivers on your change or transformation vision

– Identify & design for critical integrations across your digital & physical channel experiences

– Continue to deliver experiences customers love as you bring new value to market.


Transformation is often unsettling for teams. Engaging and retaining those who deliver your change to market is critical to success.

We partner with you to:
– Uncover any resistance and embrace your teams’ considerations and ideas.

– Design change programmes that your team enjoy being part of, and that drive change advocacy

– Design & embed ‘ways of working’ that encourage buy in & are aligned to your business vision, values & behaviours.

– Ensure change readiness, engagement & enablement as your team deliver for your customers.


The systems and processes you design to support your change or transformation activity will enable your teams to consistently & efficiently deliver a winning experience. 

We help redesign processes that:
– Integrate your new technology solutions 
– Improve productivity, efficiency & enjoyment!
– Reduce risk, errors, waste & churn


Change and transformation programmes often require new Learning Pathways. We design these with you to ensure ongoing, future fit, team enablement.

We also provide leadership development, coaching programmes and guidance via ‘advisory board’ participation for clients interested in securing ongoing support.

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